Hiking Bohemian Switzerland – Stunning Forest Trail for Nemophilist

Hiking Bohemian Switzerland offers you spectacular and wonderful hiking adventures. Are you Nemophilist searching for an uncommon national park to discover? This is the right place to go to.

Situated 2 hours from Prague, the hiking Bohemian Switzerland experience in this national park will leave you speechless. Bohemian Switzerland, a famous forest trail filled with adventures and wonders, was our first destination for our road trip to the Czech Republic.

We planned a stay for two nights in Hrensko, which allowed us to have a full day worth of hiking. Took the car at the Prague Airport from RentPlus and off we went up north.

Traffic was not heavy. It was quite a chilled two hours drive to Hrensko from Prague. As we drove up, the calmness of the surrounding started to kick in. The scenery changed from buildings to rolling green hills.

Hrensko Village: The Departure Point

Arrived in Hrensko, checked in and settled down. We booked our hotel at the very very last minute because we weren’t sure how long this road trip was going to be. While researching, we stumbled upon Hotel Praha and it made our stay extra amazing.

Thoughtful and friendly workers. The reason why we chose this hotel was that it is located at the start of the hiking trails. Practical and strategic. Apart from its excellent location, it offers you a great balcony view, spacious room as well as delicious breakfast.

Parking is also available for free. Do keep in mind that this hotel does not accept cards. Therefore, do have some cash with you. On the other hand, the restaurant accepts card depending on if they could get a signal for the terminal.

From the balcony, there laid the Kamenice river. Translucent crystal clear stream flowing, the sound of people chit-chatting from the restaurant below. Bird’s chirp echoed along the valley. This small village has no trace of city life, but it offers you an extraordinary mountain sight.

The Off Beat Path: Bohemian Switzerland Forest Trail Route

We started our day early the next day for our Hiking Bohemian Switzerland Forest Trail Adventure! Swallowed everything we could during breakfast to brace ourselves for the hike.

Here is a map that we used as a reference :

Hrensko Trail Map

This map is available at the hotel’s reception. It really comes in handy. You can choose to start and follow which ever trail that is convenient to you.

The whole journey took us around 7 hours, filled with joy and an amazing scenery. Depending on how fast you walk and hike, the duration can be a lot less than ours. Well, for us, we took our own sweet time to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Firstly, we headed to the boat ride in the Edmund Gorges. Next, we walked up to Mezni Louka, and finally continued on to Pravčická Brána ( Pravčice Sandstone Gate ).

Route to Edmund Gorges

The entry gate to this beauty was beyond remarkable. Surrounded by forest, we walked our way along the river stream. It was around 9 am and it was slightly chilly.

The air was fresh. Every breath that we took, it made us feel new and more alive than before. The calm feeling, the tranquillity and the peacefulness. A really good way of relaxing and being away from Parisian hustle and bustle.

I do suggest you plan your way there as it might be closed during a certain period. You can check out the opening hours to organise your trip.

Towards the end of the forest trail, you’ll reach the boat ride departure point! At this place, there is a small ticket counter where you can get your boat tickets directly. It costs around 3€50 for a single ticket to Mezni Moustek.

The person at the counter would normally tell you that there are two boat rides. One on Edmundova Souteska and another one on Divoka Souteska. You can choose both, or just go with whichever trail that suits you the most.

We got there and we bought our tickets. There was also a bookmark map on the counter. You can take and keep as a souvenir. It’s free and it’s really practical to bring around.

Little Boat Ride with Gondola Man

The boat ride lasted about 20 minutes of serenity. The gondola man was explaining the story behind this gorge. The view was one of a kind. It was as if we were riding a boat through a magical land that leads us to Narnia or something.

Everyone was astonished. The silence was somehow comforting. It was peaceful in a way that you could hear every single sound coming from the forest. Along the way, the skipper looked really composed.

Assuming how everyone kept on laughing and smiling when he said something, he must have made some jokes. It wasn’t in English, so j’ai rien compris.

The downside of the boat ride was that the skipper speaks only in two languages, in Czech or in German. Therefore, you will not understand a single thing if you don’t speak either of the languages.

I was literally clueless on what he was saying the whole way.

Mezni Mustek

At the end of our boat trip, there is a small café where you could buy some cold or hot drinks, or maybe some snacks if you’re hungry!

Sit down, relax and take a deep breath before continuing your trip! You will definitely need the energy later on!

From the boat ride towards Mezni Louka, we took quite some time as we had to climb up the hill towards this village. The way up was really high and steep! Make sure you have some good hiking shoes with good grip.

Sandstone Forest Trail : Pravčická Brána

It took us another few hours to hike up the top using the longer route. The forest trail in Bohemian Switzerland was really mesmerizing. It was almost walking back down the history lane seeing all the corroded sandstones.

Eroded sandstones
View of a valley

At every corner of the sandstone, we would say hello to anyone that passed by. Sometimes, to make things fun, we would joke around and try to guess the history behind everything unusual things we see.

We would randomly ask people if the arch was still far from where we were. We would stop and munch on snacks. And after a decade, finally, we managed to reach the top!

The incredible gate to wonders of Bohemian Switzerland

Pravčická Brána is one of the wonders that you have to visit in Czech Republic. This majestic Pravčická gate will leave you speechless. If you’re finding the gate to dreamy valleys, picturesque green forests, this is the one!

You get to see small villages from the peak, walked up to the edge of the stone. Careful though. The wind was so strong that it blew my potato chips away.

After like 7 hours, we finally managed to complete the whole hike. From the hotel, and back to the hotel at the end of the day. We were completely exhausted, parched but very content with our achievement.

Both of us are not professional hikers and we do not have like the correct outfit or tools for hike. However, we still made it up to the peak to see the wonderful arch.

To sum up our little trip to one of the jewels in the Czech Republic, we were super happy that we made the decision to add Bohemian Switzerland to our road trip bucket list. The view was something worth to look at. But above all, it was that little journey that we had together that counts.

If you’re looking for wonders, adventures and tranquility, head down to this spectacular forest trail and go hiking in Bohemian Switzerland!

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