5 MUST visit places in Bergen !

Get on foot to explore 5 places to visit in the Bergen, Norway.

Bergen is a small city and you must wonder what to include on your must-visit-places in Bergen bucket list !

I wanted to get the Bergen City Pass at first, but I changed my mind once I figured out that it is very easy to walk around finding my way here and there. 

Exploring on foot is probably the best way to visit famous attractions here in this city.

I began my journey by stopping by Bergen Information Centre situated at the harbour. I would suggest you to stop here before exploring the city. You can book fjord tours directly, accommodations, or ask them literally anything about the city and available activities.

To be honest, I was quite amazed by how organised they were. It is so far, the first most organised Information Centre I’ve been to, amongst the cities I’ve visited. The staffs are really helpful and friendly, and they will guide you to get the best experience during your stay.

To have an amazing stay in Bergen, below are the places that you must visit during your trip ! 🙂

1. The Fish Market

The seafood heaven

Indoor fish market Bergen
Indoor fish market in Bergen

The famous fish market in Bergen is definitely on the must-visit-list. It has two types of market : indoor market (just below Bergen Information Center) and outdoor market. 

Situated at the port, you can find every sea creatures that you could eat and they are caught fresh from the sea. Crabs, mussels, prawns, scallops and also not to forget their delicious salmon that will enlighten your taste buds ! 

Take a stroll both in the indoor and outdoor market, and be prepared as it is mouth-watering. 

2. Fjord Tours

Boat rides to your heart

Fjord boat tour with Norway flag
Fjord boat tour

Norway and their fjords are inseparable. They probably have one of the wonderful wonders in the world when it comes to nature. 

Well maintained and preserved, the boat ride will take you along endless of mountains that stretch as far as the eyes can see. 

Calm emerald waters lined with rolling autumn coloured mountains, you could see nordic small wooden cottages. 

Mountain scenery on fjord tour
Mountain scenery on fjord tour

I am pretty sure that all Fjord tours departing from Bergen has a gem to offer. Depending on your itinerary and how long you are staying in Bergen, you could just pop up right at the Information Center and tell them what you are looking for.

Telling them your budget and duration of stay would help them a lot. Some activities take only a few hours, some could take a whole day ! Oh and also, do a small check of the weather before booking your trip !

Here is a useful link on fjord tours : GoFjord .

3. Wooden Houses – Bryggen / The Wharf

Trolls and witches meet up session

Not far from the fish market, walk towards Bryggen where you can see the well known colourful Wooden Houses of Bergen !

Wooden houses near the harbour
Wooden houses near the harbour

Bryggen houses were actually the first ones to be built in this city. After a series of fire, these wooden houses were rebuilt following closely to the previous pattern and structure. It is also recognised as one of UNESCO’s Word Heritage site.

Find yourself walking between narrow alleys here, immersed in the olden era and a mist of time. You could also find souvenir shops that sell antique traditional handcrafts at a reasonable price.

4. Mount Fløyen

Feed your eyes 

Bergen panaromic view from Mount Fløyen
Bergen panaromic view from Mount Fløyen

This place is worth visiting. To get a damn great view of the city, this is the place to be at. 

To get up to the mountain, you could either take a funicular or go up on foot. If you’re feeling healthy and have all the time to go up on a small hike, you totally could. If you want to save up some time and explore other parts of Bergen, then a return ticket would be the best choice !

Up on Mount Fløyen in the nature
Up on Mount Fløyen

Trails are clearly marked and are easy to follow. I found the city map at the Information Centre and it marks all the trails and paths available up to Mount Fløyen.

5. Georgenes Verft – Nordnes

Calm colourful alleys

Small houses in the residential area
Small houses in the residential area

This is my favourite place. Google it and Wikipidea will tell you that it is just a residential area north of Nordnes.

Let me stop you there. It is not just a boring residential area. It is a spectacular residential area that stole my eyes away.

Be it, a writer finding for a new idea, or an instagrammer freak, or an influencer finding for a place to pose with products for their fans, or just a normal tourist like me, this place should be put as one of the pitstop.

Walk along narrow cobbled streets, you will find yourself walking like a local. With soft painted colour houses , there are tons of corners that would be great for your photo.

This is a place recommended by the lady at the information counter since we seek for a place less touristy. This is definitely almost zero to no tourist.

Have you visited these places in Bergen? How was your trip?

Let me know in the comments below on your preferred places to visit in this lovely city of Bergen !

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5 places to visit in Bergen

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