Chasing My Bucket List Skydiving in Palm Jumeirah Dubai

I was instantly caught by the sensation of wind on my face and the adrenaline of freefall. Come along as I share stories from my Dubai skydiving adventures and provide helpful skydiving tips for you readers who are considering completing their bucket list skydiving.

Imagine standing at the edge of an open door, 13,000 feet off the ground. The gush of wind on your face, the thought of leaping into the air in a few seconds.

Harness checked, goggles checked, shoelaces checked! Oh, and my hair band, too, checked! I wanted to ensure that my hair was secured so my pilot’s view was not blocked by my freezy, roaring long hair during descent.

Bucket List Skydiving 1
All you have to do is smile and keep it that way.

Linley asked me one question before we took off, “You’ve got yourself insured just in case, right?” And he smiled.

The moment I took the leap, I remembered my first skydiving in France. As I plummet to the ground, the world is quiet and blurry. It was as if I was in a vacuumed space for a few seconds before I started to look ugly, with the wind stretching the skin on my face.

It is a feeling that I have been craving for the longest time possible. The rush of the wind, my heart rate at its peak, adrenaline running through every corner of my veins. Here is my honest review of this lifetime experience.

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Weightless Moment in The Sky 

You see, skydiving can be a very thrilling and unique experience that can make you feel a lot of different things.

At first, you might feel nervous or scared as you get on the plane and rise to the right height. As the plane door opens and you get ready to jump, you may feel a rush of adrenaline and excitement as you realise what you are about to do.

Bucket List Skydiving 2
Soaring in the sky like a bird, with a pilot and a parachute 😉

When you freefall through the air, you may feel like you are flying with a strong sense of speed and no weight. The wind blows past you, making a roaring sound and making you feel like you’re being pushed on.

The pilot will pull the parachute chord and pull you back like a cannonball. It will hurt your inner thighs, but the pain will disappear. The moment the parachute is open, the view is rather mind-blowing. It’s as if you’re a bird soaring through the sky amongst the puffy clouds. 

You may feel relief as you slow down and gently float through the air after the parachute opens. As you look at the breathtaking views up high, you will feel a sense of awe and wonder.

And then snapped! 

The parachute suddenly doesn’t work anymore, and you fall straight to earth screaming. 

I’m kidding! All jokes aside. Skydiving can be dangerous. However, it should not be the reason that is stopping you from doing it. Don’t worry; everything will be checked and double-checked before leaping off the plane. You’ll be in the good hands of the experts. 

Tick It Off Your Bucket List

Are you still here with me? If yes, my friend, this is your cue to skydiving. It’s fate. Even after the rope snapped, you’re still here. This means that you are ready for the thrill.

Bucket List Skydiving 3
The mesmerizing view of Palm Jumeirah ft. myself and Linley!

The view of Palm Jumeirah from up top is just crazily fascinating. I can’t fathom the fact that I actually did it (again). 

The last time my parents found out I skydived in Gap Tallard (I only told them after I did it), I could feel my dad’s anger from Malaysia. Like the storm and thunder migrated from Malaysia to France in just one second. 

They thought I would never actually do it again. Pfff, excuse me! I’ve ticked the bucket list skydiving, but I don’t think I will stop there. 

This sense of accomplishment made me realise that I had overcome a fear in my life – the fear of heights. I dreamt of skydiving but was unsure if I would do it. Now that I’ve done it twice, I can tell you that it is undeniably addictive.

What I Loved About This Experience

The booking and sign-in process was really smooth and straightforward.

I had the best tandem pilot for the experience, and I would go for Linley again. His silly jokes cheered up my day.

The cafe waiting area is spacious, comfortable and relaxing. The waiting time is long, so you will need to wait for hours and hours. This area definitely gave you some time to chill out and have a bite or a quick drink.

The briefing process was smooth and understandable. For a first-timer, you should not be worried. All the explanations are done clearly. If you don’t understand something, feel free to ask your pilot.

FAQs on Your Bucket List Skydiving Trip

1. Is Skydiving Scary?

Yes – skydiving is scary. You will be nervous, but it will be the most awe-inspiring once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave you speechless.

After my Dubai trip, many people have been asking this question. What makes it slightly scary is the journey on the plane leading to the moment before you exit the plane. 

My husband, on the other hand, was his very first time. He was the one who suggested that we go skydiving. I was surprised and obviously couldn’t turn down the offer!

As a first-timer, he didn’t know what to expect and was slightly anxious, which was normal. He looked like every other client waiting for their first skydive experience—pale face and quiet. 

When he was preparing to jump, I could see that he was surprised that he was the first one to go. If you weigh more than everyone else in the group, you will go last in the plane but first to take the leap, basically, last in and first out. 

Bucket List Skydiving 4

He was shocked. They were already out of the plane before even having the time to process the fact that he was going down first. 

It turned out that he enjoyed it so much and wanted to do it again ( Okay, husband, you can pay for my next jump ! )

It can be scary but go for it if you’re willing to take that chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime skydive experience. 

For first-time skydiving tips, make sure that you are in good health and in a good fit. 

2. What Are The First-Time Skydiving Tips?

The experience is thrilling, and I want you to enjoy it as much as I did. Here are some first-time skydiving tips to help you get the best jump ever :

  • Smile. Just smile and hold that smile until the parachute opens.
  • Lift your legs before landing. Always listen to the instructor.
  • Don’t forget to breathe. 
  • Equalise your ears all the time. 
  • Arche your body into a smile shape or simply like a banana during the jump & free fall.

3. What Is The Price Of Skydiving In Dubai?

Skydiving in Dubai is not considered cheap skydiving. It is slightly costly, especially when you pick the option of jumping from the Palm Jumeirah view. The desert view is more reasonable.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose which one you would love to go for. Please note that from July to September, it is closed for the summer.

You can check the latest price for both drop-off zones here.

You can always opt to tick off your skydiving wherever you are. Here are some of my recommendations : 

4. How Long Is The Skydiving Experience in Dubai?

The whole skydiving experience lasts between 3-4 hours.

The ground preparation can take more than an hour to check in, fill in the forms, meet your instructor and go through the briefing. The freefall lasts only around 60 seconds, and you’ll have another 7 – 10 minutes of flight time until you return to the ground.

Another skydiving tip is to keep your day clear on your appointment day. Anything can happen during the day, so having a flexible time helps. 

5. When Is The Best Time To Go Skydiving in Dubai?

The best time to skydive in Dubai is between October and April, as these months are slightly more relaxed and pleasant. During the day, the weather is good and breezy. 

Always choose the earliest time slot. Seize the opportunity for a bright sky and capture stunning photographs of you and the city. 

6. Should You Eat Before Skydiving? 

Absolutely yes. It’s important to ensure you eat something before you set off. Ensure that you fill your tummy with some food before flight time. If you don’t eat or overeat, it might make you feel nauseous during the air time.

Bucket List Skydiving 5

Taking The Leap of Faith

Let me tell you one thing. Once you have taken the leap of faith (I mean your first skydiving jump, not changing career 😛 ), you will enter the “I can do anything” stage. This is by far the best part about how you feel after skydiving. 

It’s a constant feeling that no matter what difficulties you face, you can handle them. After all, you just leaped out of a freaking plane. Isn’t that amazing? 

Go for it. Tick it off your bucket list skydiving! 

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